July 06, 2005

New Labor Blog

There is a new labor blog which features a number of contributers including Bill Fletcher and Nathan Newman.

Check out The House of Labor

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April 25, 2005

Wal-Mart Blogs

Wal-Mart Blogs

Wake Up Wal-Mart (UFCW) - comments allowed

Wal-Mart Watch (SEIU) - comments allowed

Wal-Mart Free NYC
(NYC Central Labor Council) - no comments allowed at present

Global Watch Wal-Mart (Independent Activist) - comments allowed

Always Low Prices Always (Objective Blog focuses on more than just labor issues) -comments allowed

The Box Tank (Critical of Big Box stores with a focus on Wal-Mart) -comments allowed

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Blogs Will Change Business

This week's Business Week magazine features an extensive story on blogs and blogging.

Click here for the article:  Blogs Will Change Your Business


See Thoughts From a Management Lawyer for more articles on blogging and business.

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April 23, 2005

Progressive Blogs

I have added another links section titled Progressive Blogs to the sidebar featuring a few "non labor specific" blogs I follow.

I have also add the blog Always Low Prices Always to the Business and Economics links.

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