March 06, 2005


On my personal blog I've posted an informal essay that I wrote last year about blogging and the workplace.

Today, CNN online has an article about bloggers who have been fired from their job as a result of their blogging. As the article states:

Annalee Newitz, a policy analyst at the civil liberties group Electronic Frontier Foundation, said employees often "don't realize the First Amendment doesn't protect their job."
The First Amendment only restricts government control of speech. So private employers are free to fire at will in most states, as long as it's not discriminatory or in retaliation for whistle-blowing or union organizing, labor experts say.

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February 21, 2005

Management Lawyer on Wal-Mart

Michael Fitzgibbon, in the latest post on his blog  Thoughts from a Management Lawyer, uses his expertise in Canadian labour and employment law to shed light on the legal framework Wal-Mart and the union is operating in.

In this post Fitzgibbon discusses the difference between card based and vote based certification.

In a previous post he responds to an editorial in the Toronto Star written by Roy Adams (professor emeritus, DeGroote School of Business, at McMaster University) on "Wal-Mart's Anti-Union Strategy."

Roy Adam's editorial can be read in full HERE.

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February 15, 2005

Wal-Mart Closing First Unionized Store: Is It Legal?

Thus far I have only come across one Blog which discusses the legal implications of Wal-Mart's decision to close it's first unionized store. Michael P. Fitzgibbon, blogmaster at Thoughts From a Management Lawyer, offers a very brief overview of the Wa-Mart action and possible cases which have set precedent. This blog is an excellent source on labor and employment issues in Canada and I expect more analysis of the Wal-Mart decision in the coming weeks. Check it out.

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