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January 15, 2008

The New State Capitalism

Two articles today highlighting the "New State Capitalism."

From the Financial Times: The Unsettling Zeitgeist of State Capitalism

How can it be that Merrill Lynch, Citigroup, Morgan Stanleyand other big banks have been turning to foreign governments for financial lifelines with so little public controversy? Perhaps it is because the dangerous broader context of what is happening - the rise of "state capitalism" - is not sufficiently recognised. Indeed, the reality may be that the era of free markets unleashed by Margaret Thatcher and reinforced by Ronald Reagan in the 1980s is fading away. In place of deregulation and privatisation are government efforts to reassert control over their economies and to use this to enhance their global influence. It is an ill wind that blows.

From the WSJ: Davos Event Reflects Shifts in Power

When the elite of global business gather in Davos, Switzerland, for their annual retreat next week, the mood will be dramatically darker than just a year ago.

Since the World Economic Forum last met in Davos, fallout from the global credit crunch has transformed the outlook for the U.S. and global economies for the worse. Power and wealth have shifted from West to East, from major oil companies to petro-governments, and from U.S. banks and hedge funds to the state-controlled investment funds of the Middle East and Asia.

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