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January 18, 2008

Quitting Nurses Vindicated

The NY State Department of Health has found that 10 nurses who quit en masse did not jeopardize patients.

A state Department of Health inquiry has found that residents at a Smithtown nursing home "were not placed in jeopardy" by the mass resignation of 10 nurses in 2006, a spokesman said.

The health department's findings come less than two weeks before the nurses - all Filipino immigrants - are scheduled for a Jan. 28 trial in Suffolk County on charges of conspiracy and endangering patients in a pediatric ventilation unit at Avalon Gardens Rehabilitation and Health Care Center.

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Should workers have the right to quit their jobs? This is ostensibly a free country and supports free markets so how is it that private sector workers who quit their job could be brought up on charges? Is this a form of slavery? If the nurses were unionized could this have been avoided?


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