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May 09, 2005

"Free Trade" & Labor Re-Education Camps

Bush stated recently (referring to GM specifically) that American companies need to learn how to compete to survive in the global economy. How does he expect American workers to compete with a country that uses Labor Re-Education camps?

Today's NY Times has a feature article on labor camps in China

Also see the following post at Peking Duck blog: The Gulag Chinapelago

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How soon is it before Ford and GM do what the airlines and steel companies shave done -- declare bankruptcy, get out of the union contracts (goodbye, worker and retiree health insurance!), and foist the pension liabilities on to the government at pennies on the dollar (goodbye, pensions!).

Posted by: Tom Geraghty | May 10, 2005 3:35:35 AM

Ack! This whole GM thing is a crock of sh*t. If the directors of the company didn't borrow $300 million they would not be having problems. Their debt is what got downgraded, and I'm sure it was based on a fairly partial formula. Its pretty meaningless and this smells of a Rove campaign, specifically one targetting the growing union movement in the US by blaming labor for making an American icon (GM) uncompetitive. Its all SPIN!

Posted by: reasoninrevolt | May 9, 2005 11:00:27 PM

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