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August 19, 2005

Republican Backing Unions Protest Democratic Mayoral Candidate

Yesterday I posted on the comments Congressman Anthony Weiner made during a mayoral debate in NYC regarding unions endorsing Republican billionaire Michael Bloomberg for mayor.

SEIU, The Carpenters and others who are backing Republican candidate Bloomberg rallied outside Democrat Congressman Weiner's offices yesterday with signs calling Weiner a scab and displaying an inflatable rat outside his offices.

Here is a link to the story and an excerpt:

Weiner is a Rat: Union Bigs

ugust 19, 2005 -- Enraged union leaders called Democratic mayoral hopeful Anthony Weiner "a rat" yesterday, after he said during Tuesday's debate they should "hang their head in shame" for backing Mayor Bloomberg's re-election.

The unions placed an inflatable rat outside Weiner's campaign headquarters.

"The only time we hear from Anthony Weiner is when he's looking for campaign donations," fumed Steven McGuiness of the carpenters union.

Weiner said he would not apologize.

Meanwhile, Manhattan Borough President C. Virginia Fields got the endorsement of the National Organization for Women's NYC chapter. Carl Campanile


Was Anthony Weiner wrong in making his comments or are these particular unions that are endorsing Pro-Bush Republican Bloomberg wrong? (yeah the question is worded in a bias manner)

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