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August 23, 2005

Northwest Finally Admits Strike Problems

For the last couple of days newspapers carried bold headlines stating they are weathering a strike by its mechanics. Tomorrow's Wall Street Journal however is running a cover story on the strike and the problems it has thus far caused for Northwestern.

Northwest Reveals Higher Rate of Cancellations as Strike Persists (subscription required)

Northwest Airlines, lifting the veil slightly on its reliability problems since its mechanics went on strike Saturday, said its flight cancellation rate Monday was roughly triple its rate a year ago.

The carrier said it operated 96.9% of its schedule Monday, suggesting it canceled 46 of its 1,473 scheduled flights that day. Northwest earlier this week said it expects to be able to complete 96% of its schedule in the first week of the strike, which implies it will cancel about 400 flights over seven days.

For all of August 2004, Northwest canceled 490 flights, or 1.1% of its schedule, according to the Department of Transportation. The company has declined to comment on its flight punctuality since the strike, despite the fact that travelers anecdotally are reporting a higher-than-normal number of delays.

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