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August 19, 2005

Criticisms Hurled Against "Sell Out" Unions in NYC Debate

SEIU local 32BJ  has endorsed Republican Michael Bloomberg for mayor of NYC. I had the opportunity to attend the first debate amongst the Democratic challengers the other night. All the candidates criticized the move by SEIU and a couple of others to support Bloomberg's republican incumbency. As most readers are aware SEIU and other unions that have split from the AFL are considering opening their arms up to more Republicans.

Here is one particulalry harsh criticism from Congressman and Mayoral candidate Anthony Weiner:

Q. Congressman Weiner, the mayor must be doing something right to land these massive endorsements (From some NYC Unions).

WEINER. Well, I have to tell you, these labor leaders should hang their head in shame. They should hang their head in shame because they have turned their back on the values that made the labor movement so powerful in this city. They're supporting a candidate who feels warmly towards Wal-Mart and abandons small business. They support a candidate who raises gobs and gobs of money for Republicans who then turn their back on us rather than supporting progressive Democrats through this country. They are supporting - they are supporting a candidate that in 2004 allowed there to be 500,000 children in this city that had to turn to a soup kitchen or a church basement for a meal. This is the candidate that they are supporting. They are supporting a candidate who stood up at Madison Square Garden and urged everyone to vote for George Bush, saying that he was the best candidate for New York. The heads of these unions should hang their head in shame.

But I have to tell you something, something else should happen. Every one of their rank and file members that have been abandoned by their leadership should walk away from these union leaders and vote for one of these candidates up here.

For full transcripts of the debate Click Here

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