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May 01, 2005

Lane Kirkland Biography

Lane Kirkland : Champion of American Labor

A biography on Lane Kirkland, one of the most maligned and discredited AFL-CIO leaders, at first glance doesn't seem like an interesting read. However, the current debate raging within the house of labor makes this biography both timely and essential in understanding the tragedy of trade unionism in the 21st century.

I have yet to read this book but today's review in the NY Post offers us a glimpse. Participants of the current debate would be well advised to read this book if only to perhaps cause them to be more civil towards the current leadership of the AFL-CIO.

Here is on excerpt from the review which really brings the point home:

At the end of a great career he was hounded out of office by the anger, resentment and ignorance of lesser men who blamed him personally for the historic forces that rendered 20th century unions obsolete. After he left office the decline of private sector unions only accelerated under the stewardship of the men who had dismissed him.

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